Learn to Run two whatsapp accounts in Smartphone

Whatsapp became the most popular messaging app in the world. This app used by 1.2 billion members in the world wide. New installs on daily basis. Besides the success of the whatsapp Facebook had owned whatsapp became a big complacement. But even though in the compilation in the market. Some of the latest trending updates taken place. Some of them are running two whatsapp accounts in a smartphone. How to increase the sharing memory of the whatsapp.

Now a days some users are having dual accounts. But in any smartphone no user can operate or install two whatsapp accounts. To over come this install an app called Parallel space – Multiple accounts & Two faces app which is available free in playstore. After subscribing the app. There you would be able to see the option to select the whatsapp account. This would be able to access two different accounts in the same smartphone at a time. Now you can run two whatsapp accounts at a time in the smartphone with different logins in dual smartphones with different numbers.

The Operation and everything is same for the two whatsapp accounts. It just replica of first installed app. Data sharing all the features would be separate. As per latest launch of whatsapp we can share the user 10. Now it has increased to 30. First launched in anroid beta version in january 2017. Now it was updated to all whatapp messager apps to reduce all the memory sharing problem of users. This memory sharing would be increased more further in upcoming days lets hope for good.



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